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Essentials to Consider When Using a money transfer App

Smartphones are at the center of our day-to-day lives. Whether grocery shopping, attending a meeting, sitting in class, or even going on a date, we feel weird and uncomfortable without our phones.

Of course, considering all the things that we can do with modern smartphones, it’s no surprise we’re so attached to them. One of those critical functions is using a money transfer app to send money to any part of the world with great ease.

However, as human beings, we’re always striving for the best, and that includes finding the perfect money transfer app to help us send/receive money and manage our finances with the minimal waiting time. To do that, one needs to consider several factors that are listed below.


When you go online and look for a top-rated money transfer app, you need to find one that matches your phone’s operating system. Android and iOS are the dominant platforms in the smartphone industry, and any credible app needs to be compatible with both of them.

You may think there’s no money transfer app limited to just one of these platforms in this day and age. But you’d be surprised! Even if you find the best option in the market, it won’t be of any use if it doesn’t support your phone’s OS.

Ease of Use

Part of the reason people have moved away from banks is that too much hassle is involved. They would have to go through an endless amount of paperwork to make a single transfer and pay the hefty fees that come with it.

Sadly, some money transfer apps are precisely like that. They either have a lengthy sign-up process requiring unnecessary documentation. Plus, they’re so poor in terms of user experience design that you likely won’t know how to navigate your way to make the transfer or review your transaction records once you log in.

You need a simple yet effective app that lets you enter the sum, choose the destination country, and hit send. It shouldn’t be that hard!

Security & Transparency

If you’ve been using money transfer companies long enough, you’ve indeed seen some advertise “zero fees”. Don’t buy it. They’ll definitely secretly bury those fees within the exchange rate markup.

Similarly, to cover up their trick on their money transfer app, they show various rates and don’t provide a clear breakdown of the costs. You want an app that shows you exactly how much money will arrive on the other side; it’s that simple.

You can’t put a price tag on security either because you’re trusting your hard-earned cash to a third-party company, and you need to know that every transaction is fully protected. To do that, you need a money transfer app equipped with super-secure tech features like RSA 256-bit encryption to protect your financial and personal information.

Bottom Line

No matter how hard we try to come close to perfection, it’s unlikely to find a money transfer app with no drawbacks. However, the above three points can help us find the best all-around one.

The perfect money transfer app lets you quickly sign up, make the transfer, and see a detailed breakdown of all the related fees and rates. Not only it’s compatible with multiple platforms, but it also guards your sensitive information against any attack or breach.

You don’t need to try that hard to find it because Lycaremit’s money transfer app checks off all the boxes. With Lycaremit, you can effortlessly send money anywhere in the world while paying minimum fees and receiving top exchange rates. Register and see how easy it is for yourself!

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