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How to Find Best Money Transfer Companies?

In this modern-day and age where people’s lives from every part of the world are incredibly tight-knitted, there’s a need for secure, and affordable option to make an international transaction. With the hefty fees of bank transfers, people are seeking new solutions. That’s why many money transfer companies have sprung up in recent years. They’re far cheaper and faster than traditional banks.

However, not all of them are equally worthy. You need to be extra careful in choosing one that suits your needs and budget. This article will provide you with the three main criteria to find the best money transfer companies.

Transfer Fees & Exchange Rates

These two factors are the biggest drains on your cash. Whether your transfer is a small, frequent, or occasional lump sum transaction, a slight uptick in fees or the exchange rate can drastically change the amount that arrives at the destination.

Therefore, it’s best to choose companies that charge transparent, minimum fees and offer reasonable rates. Don’t buy into the “zero fees” promise by some companies because they secretly make up for it in the exchange rate margins.


We’re talking about international transfer here. Therefore, your number one priority in choosing the best money transfer companies should be the ones supporting a vast number of countries worldwide. Many money transfer companies only support popular destinations and offer limited options for the source countries. Hence, be sure to look for one that covers most countries and currency pairs.

Speed & Security

You never want to transfer funds and wait for days before it arrives in the hands of your loved ones or business partners. After all, speed is the main reason why so many have turned away from banks. Furthermore, you don’t want to deal with companies with a bad reputation for handling money. The best money transfer companies always use the latest technology to secure the transaction. It’s only natural to be careful about handing over your hard-earned cash to someone you don’t trust.

Bottom Line

Ideally, the best money transfer companies charge minimum, transparent fees and offer sensible exchange rates. They also deliver your money in a reasonable time frame, and they live up to their name by giving you access to most countries and currency pairs around the world.

All of these three are the core benefits of Lycaremit. Lycaremit offers competitive rates and fees, access to a wide range of exotic and popular countries, and secures your transfer utilising RSA 256-bit encryption technology. So, don’t hesitate a second longer and contact us to get started right away!

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