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How to Receive Money From Poland?

Today, we live in a highly interconnected world where there are a vast number of international businesses and exchange students. As such, international money transfer is in high demand, hence, the variety in the remittance industry. While many continue to use a wire service, some don’t want to incur such hefty costs for a single transfer.

These people lean more towards online remittance providers and usually make their final pick based on the transfer fee, the exchange rate, and delivery speed. Here below, we’ve provided our top three picks offering fair Zloty to Pound rates that cost lower than a bank, with three-day max transfer periods.


As one of the highly trusted remittance providers, Xendpay helps its customers send money to over 40 countries worldwide. While it offers better markups than a bank, it isn’t entirely on par with others in terms of the exchange rates.

When sending any amount below £2,000 from Poland to the U.K, you’ll pay a 2% commission. Extra fees will add on as you go beyond the £2,000 threshold. Depending on the sender/receiver country, the delivery deadline will vary. However, Xendpay can deliver the funds to the U.K within 72 hours in most cases.


In the last decade, Wise has successfully established itself as a go-to name in the remittance industry. Wise’s transparent approach regarding transfer fees and exchange rates has earned the trust of many satisfied customers. In addition, Wise offers a sensible Zloty to Pound rate (better than Xendpay).

Wise doesn’t bury the fees within the exchange rate markups but charges a 1% fee plus a 3% fee for credit/debit card transfers. In most cases, Wise’s customers can receive their money in three days max.


Lycaremit has been in the remittance market for only about eight years but has managed to establish a great customer base during such a short time. Unlike many competitors, there are no additional hidden fees with Lycaremit, and the fixed 2.5 GBP fee makes a very affordable option for low- or high-volume transfers.

In addition, Lycaremit consistently offers the best Zloty to Pound market exchange rate and delivers the funds to you in 24–48 hours while providing 24/7 support to help you along the way. 

Bottom Line

Sending or receiving money from abroad can be overwhelming sometimes, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Without thorough research, many opt directly for banks believing it’s the safest option. But in fact, they’re walking into exorbitant fees and dealing with endless paperwork.

Some also fall into the “zero fees” trap of many online remittance providers, thinking they’re saving money, but it’s a mistake. They need a reliable provider that offers a sensible Zloty to Pound exchange rate charges competitive, transparent fees and delivers the money as fast as possible.

You don’t need to look far to find such a provider because Lycaremit checks off all the boxes. So, what are you waiting for? Register and let us take it from here.

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