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Practical Options for Transferring Money to Ghana

Beautiful landscapes, unusual wildlife, and bustling cities are all the qualities that make Ghana unique. It has a thriving economy and numerous advantages. People sending money back to Ghana from other countries require dependable and straightforward money transfer solutions to ensure their funds reach swiftly and safely. A few years ago, the most common method of transferring money to Ghana was a high-street bank, remittance center, or post office and using a cashier to send money overseas.

Thanks to significant technological advancements in recent years, you may now directly transmit money to Ghana more swiftly and cost-effectively by just utilizing a smartphone app or a computer browser. We’ve created a list of options for wiring money to Ghana here below.


TransferWise has quickly become among the most popular ways to transmit money worldwide. This service provider maintains local bank accounts in Ghana and other countries to assist with the revolutionization of the international money transfer market. TransferWise stands apart by allowing transactions at the current market exchange rate.


WorldRemit is one of the quickest, most cost-effective, and efficient ways to wire funds to Ghana. You can send money to your recipient by bank transfer, cash pickup, or mobile money with this option. The recipient will get the payment in minutes using the latter two ways. 

The funds can be deposited into the intended recipient’s bank account or picked up at one of the company’s cash pickup locations across the country.

Transfer Go

TransferGo attracts many customers due to its low rates and fees. TransferGo is a fast service enabling consumers to transfer money in a matter of hours. Customers must pay a fee when paying with debit or credit cards.

One of TransferGo’s significant downsides is that customers can only receive money through a bank deposit. Moreover, many customers are unsatisfied with the lack of high-quality customer service on weekends or non-working hours.


Lycaremit is the only company with a client base in Ghana. Lycaremit is a popular choice among customers due to its low prices. With Lycaremit, customers can send money to Ghana and have it delivered in 48 hours.

Another essential feature of Lycaremit is that it provides customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which can help you deal with any potential delays. Transactions with Lycaremit are 100% secure and encrypted.

Bottom Line

There are various foreign remittance choices, each with benefits and drawbacks. Some companies have reasonable rates and fees, but they aren’t transparent about them. Others are less expensive, but they take longer to deliver and are more vulnerable to hacking. Fortunately, Lycaremit fits all of the necessary criteria, making it an excellent alternative for large and minor transactions. If you wish to learn more about transferring money to Ghana, please register with us.

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