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Sending Money Abroad via Bank Transfers: Expectations vs. Reality

If you’ve ever spent a substantial amount of time abroad or tried to help a family who lives far away, you know how frustrating it can be to send money internationally. It takes time and money – frequently much too much of both. People who migrate to more developed countries often send money back to their loved ones. The wiring of such funds is sometimes necessary to keep domestic economies on the receiving end afloat.

As a result, transfers must be carried out properly. Sending money abroad via bank transfers appears safe and straightforward, but this is not always the case. When wiring cash, it’s pretty helpful to know what could go wrong ahead of time, allowing various options for preventing problems and avoiding disruptions to be explored. Here below, we’ll discuss some of the drawbacks of transferring money overseas via bank transfer.


You may anticipate paying a high transfer fee when sending money abroad via international transfer with your commercial bank. This fee is applied to every international money transfer, translating into high additional costs if you make regular transfers.


In the worst-case scenario, bank transfers can take several days, if not weeks. We’re talking about working days; holidays and weekends are not included. One of the most critical aspects of transferring money is speed because cash is usually required as quickly as possible at the destination. As a result, you should seek choices that allow for immediate delivery. Keep in mind that traditional methods will enable you to have your remittances delivered in hours or minutes, but it’s considered a premium service, which is inclusive of extra fees. It’s definitely not the most practical and cost-effective solution.

In-Person Contact

Although many banks now allow you to manage transfers via the Internet, depending on the amount involved or the specific destination, you may be required to go to the office or bank branch. That implies several hours of your busy day lost, plus the cost of going and coming back to their location. If at all possible, opt for totally digitized systems that don’t require any physical interaction.

Bottom Line

Although transferring money from your bank account is usually faster, cheaper, and safer than withdrawing and paying in cash, you may encounter specific problems. You wish to find a secure remittance service to wire your cash quickly, easily, and securely. We strongly recommend Lycaremit for all of your remittance services. Please register with us toward obtaining additional information?

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