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Top Ten Online Money Transfer Apps

Engineers, medical people, scientific people, have an obsession with solving the problems of reality, once you reach a basic level of wealth in society, most problems are actually problems of perception. You can create entire designs with just type.

Today we have apps for everything on our smartphones and tablets. Transferring money online is quick and convenient, but it can get costly fast. There is also a possibility of fraudulent transactions. Fortunately, there are a few excellent money transfer apps available that allow you to transfer funds at reasonable prices and security.

  1. Lycaremit offers competitive rates to locations worldwide. They have over 50 countries on their roaster, including India, Pakistan, and Nigeria. The website is encrypted by the ultra-secure RSA 256-bit encryption making it secure and reliable. 
  2. OFX allows users to transfer a bigger amount of money at low prices. Their minimum transfer is $1000, so it is best used to make big payments. 
  3. PayPal is one of the older players in the money transfer market, and that is why it enjoys brand-loyalty. The app is pretty secure, but it comes with a price. They charge a 30% transcription fee and take a cut of 2.9% on the money transferred. 
  4. Transferwise is used by small businesses or to send remittance home. They charge a nominal fee but have a shorter list of countries on their roaster. 
  5. Venmo is a mostly free money transfer app designed for peer to peer transactions. It is great for a night out when you need to split the bill. 
  6. Worldremit is a simple to follow money transfer app that can be used to send smaller amounts of funds across countries. Best used for small transactions that need to be sent immediately. 
  7. Google pay comes with the brand recognition of Google and is a convenient way to make quick payments. It works well for peer to peer transactions and is also popular among small business owners. 
  8. Payoneer is mostly used by freelancers who need to receive payments from clients abroad. It is easy and quick to make an account, and it is pretty user-friendly. 
  9. Western Union is a big name when it comes to money transfers. They have come up with an easy to use App as well. 
  10. Freecharge allows you to recharge your mobile data, DTH bill, and electricity bills. They have cashback offers when you use the app to make payments. 

When using any website or mobile app to transfer money, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. Sometimes you may end up paying extra or hidden charges if you are not careful. Lycaremit never overcharges and allows you to check the fee before making the final payment. Choose your money transfer app according to your need.

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