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World Remit money transfer- International fees

International money transfers have become easier and quicker thanks to modern technology and applications. Banks notoriously overcharge and take several days to complete a transaction. Some better alternatives to bank transfers are apps like World Remit, Lycaremit, Transferwise, etc. 

Lycaremit is the best option for international money transfers as they charge the lowest transfer fee on the market. 

World remit charges you a currency conversion fee and a transfer fee. They allow you to make this estimation on their website. But sometimes you may end up paying more thanks to a markup on the exchange rate. 

Worldremit transfer rate


Lycaremit transfer rate

Lycaremit a better alternative.

Lycaremit is a fast-growing company that offers much better rates on your international money transfers. 

Here is how you can open a Lycaremit account. 

  • SIGN UP- Create your Lycaremit account.
  • ADD BENEFICIARIES- Add the friends and family members that you wish to send money to.
  • PAY & SEND- Securely complete your transfer.

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