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Sending Money to Greece: How to Find the Best Online Money Transfer Services

If you’re looking for drama, romance, and history, there’s almost nowhere better than Greece. So, there’s no surprise that many people live, study, or do business in Greece. Hence, naturally, some of these people are looking for the best way to send money to Greece.

A bank can be risky in a tight deadline because it may take forever to complete the paperwork. Plus, you’ll have to pay a fortune on fees. As for online remittance providers, some claim to charge nothing but make up for it by adjusting the markup.

Others offer sensible rates but support a limited number of countries. Then how do you find the best online money transfer service? We’ve listed three criteria to help you do just that.

The Three Criteria

Ideally, you want to pay minimum fees, get a mid-market exchange rate, and have the money delivered quickly and safely to Greece. So, the criteria are:

Fees & Rates

Transfer fees are the biggest drain on the transfer amount, and it is important to pay as little as possible on fees. Some charge a fixed amount, and others take a percentage of the total transfer. It’s wiser to go for a fixed amount because as the transfer volume goes up, the percentage fee won’t increase.

Also, don’t automatically choose the provider claiming to charge the least amount. Why? Because they may charge little to nothing on the surface but bury it within the exchange rate margin. Although the exchange rate is never constant, some providers like Lycaremit consistently charge reasonable fees.

To make sure you’re getting the best deal, make sure to verify the transaction details. You should check the total cost breakdown to figure out how much you’re paying on fees and the amount that will arrive at the destination.

Companies like Wise, WorldRemit, or TransferGo may charge about +£5, but Lycaremit charges as little as £2.5.

Transfer Time

Some wonder how long it will take to send money to Greece. The answer to that depends on the transfer method and the sending/receiving country. Some providers like Wise and WorldRemit take up to four days to send money to Greece, but Lycaremit can make the transfer in two days max. Lycaremit is known for transfer efficiency and hassle-free transactions.


For many, security is essentially the biggest concern in sending money, especially abroad. Companies need to protect the personal and financial details of the transaction. To do so, they need a secure tech like Lycaremit’s RSA 256-bit encryption.

Bottom Line

There are a vast number of international remittance services with their unique upsides and downsides. Some offer sensible rates and fees but aren’t transparent. Others are affordable but take longer to deliver the funds and are more susceptible to cyber-attacks.

Fortunately, Lycaremit meets all the right criteria, making it a suitable option for large and small transfers. Hence, if you’re looking for an affordable and hassle-free way to send money to Greece, sign up right away.

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