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What is the Fastest & Most Secure Method to Send Money to Pakistan?

There are millions of Pakistanis working overseas to improve their quality of living and help their families. They’re currently one of the biggest ethnic communities in the UK and valuable contributors to the country’s workforce.

Logically, many are looking for a reliable way to send money to Pakistan, which is why we’ve listed a number of options right here in this article.


Ease of use is perhaps the most significant upside of using Remitly. This platform has garnered a good deal of popularity by supporting a wide range of countries, making it a suitable choice for sending money to Pakistan.

However, Remitly’s biggest drawback is the lack of transparency on transfer fees. Many customers complain about Remitly’s fees since more than 30% of Remitly’s costs are hidden in the exchange rate markups. Moreover, the outdated operational structure can delay the transfers up to three to five days.


In the last decade or so, Azimo has successfully established itself as a reliable brand. Azimo customers can access many pick-up locations/methods and enjoy flexible payment. In addition, the user-friendly interface makes it very easy to sign up and make the transfer.

A significant downside for Azimo customers is that they can only send money to a handful of countries, usually three to five business days. Unfavorable rates and lack of quality support are some of the drawbacks for Azimo.  


Out of all the names on the list, Lycaremit has an established customer base in Pakistan. Lycaremit’s ultra-competitive fees and transparent margins have made it an attractive option for sending money to Pakistan.

Lycaremit customers can send money to Pakistan and have it delivered within 48 hours. A significant upside to Lycaremit is 24/7 customer support access helping them address any potential delays. Thanks to the RSA 256-bit encryption technology, all Lycaremit transactions are fully secured and protected. 

Bottom Line

Many move from Pakistan to European countries in the hopes of creating a better life for themselves. By working in another country, they can also help their families back home, increase their country’s GDP, etc.

You need a reliable remittance provider like Lycaremit offering ultra-competitive fees and favourable exchange rates to do all of that. On top of that, you’ll have access to a 24/7 support team to help you deal with any hang ups or delays.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to sign up right now and let us help you send money to Pakistan.

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