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With These Tips Send Money to India Faster

Whether you’re in India to study, find work or even do business, there’s little doubt that at some point, you will need to send money to India. Naturally, your first solution may be to wire money via a bank. Banks offer high security and can be easily trusted, but they aren’t without trade-offs.

In most cases, when you send money, you may have to pay at least £35 + percentage fees. Plus, it’ll take 4-7 days for the funds to arrive in India. It’s too long, isn’t it? That’s why here below we’ll provide several beneficial tips to help you send money to India faster.

Tip #1: Don’t Use Banks

Banks indeed provide that extra cushion of security, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t other viable solutions offering the same level of protection. Many online remittance providers like Lycaremit are well-known for protecting transactions with advanced tech features like RSA 256-bit encryption. Not only that, they charge significantly less than banks while giving you a far better deal on exchange rates or turnaround times.

Tip #2: Look For One With An Established Base

If you go online, you’ll find many remittance providers that claim they can send money to India. They can send the money, but you don’t know how soon it will arrive. The key to a fast transfer is looking for a remittance provider with an established operational base in India. You should trust your money with a provider that has a streamlined process, not a first-timer that’s still trying to figure it out.

Tip #3: Check Overall Speed

You never want to transfer the money and then wait for days until it arrives at the hands of your loved one or business partner. After all, speed is the main reason why so many turned away from banks. Always check the FAQ page and even contact the provider to see what their average turnaround time is. Generally, your best pick in terms of speed, security, and cost is a provider that can send money to India within three days maximum.

Bottom Line

There are so many different options in the remittance market today. Therefore, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the search to the best money transfer companies.

Ideally, the best money transfer companies charge minimum, transparent fees and offer sensible exchange rates. They also deliver your money in a reasonable timeframe, and they live up to their name by giving you access to most countries and currency pairs around the world.

All of the above are among the core benefits of Lycaremit. Lycaremit offers competitive rates and fees, access to a wide range of exotic and popular countries, and secures all transfers using RSA 256-bit encryption technology. Therefore, don’t hesitate a second longer and register to get started right away.

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