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Best Same Day Money Transfer Services

You may have heard the expression, “time is money.” Well, in today’s busy world of instant gratification, time seems far more valuable than money. Therefore, it’s only natural that we look for instant or same-day money transfer services.

Even with international money transfers that usually take longer due to the exchange rate, some services can process and execute the transfer within 24 hours. However, every one of these service providers has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, meaning not all of them will provide what you need. In this article, we’ve listed our top four service providers to help you narrow down your choice.

1. Remitly

Remitly is well-known for providing speedy international money transfer services. For instance, the express service allows you to send funds from the UK to many countries worldwide, with delivery at the destination in a matter of minutes. On the Other hand, there’s an “economy” transfer plan which takes about three to five days.

While customers can get the economy service by paying minimum fees, they have to pay additional fees to send the money instantly. Generally, the speed and pricing of Remitly make it a suitable choice for cash pickup and cash home delivery options.

2. Skrill

As you may have already heard, Skrill is one of the fastest remittance providers alongside PayPal. Unlike bank transfers that take 3-5 days, Skrill is almost instantaneous. However, a potential downside is it only accepts payments via debit cards.

Skrill only offers instant transfer in terms of speed if both sides of the transfer have a Skrill account. However, for bank transfers, which take much longer, Skrill is not the most optimal choice.

3. Wise

Wise has made significant progress in boosting its transfer speed in recent years, providing fast and effortless transfer services. Wise allows customers to make small & mid-sized transfers in under 24 hours, but this speed is only possible for a limited number of pay-in and pay-out options.

In addition, same-day transfers cost quite a lot more than the standard option and may take at least three days.

4. Lycaremit

In less than a decade, Lycaremit has successfully created an established customer base with speedy deliveries and ultra-competitive rates. Unlike other same-day money transfer services, Lycaremit doesn’t charge additional fees for swift transfers and offers a broader range of pay-in and pay-out options. With Lycaremit, you can send money to dozens of countries in under 24 hours, and even longer transfers take 48 hours max.

Bottom Line

You may be searching for a way to instantly send money to another country. Well, there’s no “instant” international transfer, but there are same-day money transfer services that come close in terms of speed. In addition to speed, you really need a provider charging minimum fees and supporting various payment options.

Lycaremit fits such a description and can lift a heavy burden off your shoulders. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up, and let’s get the ball rolling!

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