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Top Five Fast Money Transfer Services

These days, with the incredible pace of life, no one has extra time to waste. Fast food, 24/7 customer support, 5G internet, and the like demonstrate without a shred of doubt that we don’t like waiting. Similarly, when sending money overseas, people want their funds to go through all the formalities immediately so that their family, friend, or business partner can receive the cash ASAP.

To do that, we need reliable remittance providers that offer fast money transfer services. We have endeavored to help you by providing our top five picks right here!

1. XE

XE is a trusted name in the business that has gained immense popularity by providing excellent security and supporting over 100 countries and currencies. While XE doesn’t charge fees on the surface, it buries its fees within the exchange rate markup, making it more costly than several other services on the list. In most cases, XE can transfer the money within 1–4 business days, meaning it isn’t available on weekends.

2. Wise

Wise is a prominent name on our list because it offers excellent international transfers and charges way less than banks. Their most significant advantage is their transparent structure on transfer fees and rates. With guaranteed exchange rates for at least 24 hours, Wise has become a popular remittance provider with various payment methods.

However, depending on the currency and destination, they charge additional fees for every transaction. With Wise, your money will arrive at its destination within 3-5 days.

3. WorldRemit

WorldRemit’s unique selling point is that it covers a vast number of currencies all around the world. Plus, they support various pay-in and pay-out options, providing customers the freedom to choose a low-cost alternative.

A downside to WorldRemit is it charges high exchange rate markups, making them less than ideal compared to other names on the list. WorldRemit can transfer the money into the recipient account within 1-3 business days.

4. OFX

With +20 years of experience and an established presence in the remittance market, OFX is a fast money transfer service provider that supports over 50 companies and offers 24/7 customer support. As far as fees, OFX charges a bit more than other options but offers reasonable exchange rates. Typically, OFX can complete the transfer within five days max.

5. Lycaremit

While Lycaremit isn’t as old as the likes of OFX, it has certainly become popular with ultra-competitive fees and sensible exchange rates. Plus, they have a wide infrastructure in popular countries and exotic destinations such as India, Benin, and Pakistan. 

Lycaremit’s distinctive advantage is it’s far quicker than many other providers because it can complete the transfer within 1–2 days. As a bonus, Lycaremit offers a £5 credit for every transaction above £300!

Bottom Line

In the era of instant gratification, people appear to be running away from banks and other remittance providers that take forever to make an international transfer. They need a reliable, fast money transfer service provider that can help them send money anywhere as soon as possible.

Lycaremit is the only option on the list that fits such a description. In addition to fast transfers, Lycaremit offers 24/7 customer support and does all the heavy lifting for you. So, why not register right now and save yourself from a lot of headaches?

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