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Money Transfer to Latvia: How Long Will It Take?

When sending money abroad, the first question that comes to mind is that how long will it take to get there? Well, it depends on different factors like the sender, the recipient country, the pay-in/pay-out methods, the transfer amount, etc. In addition, there’s one other crucial factor that determines the transfer’s speed: the remittance provider itself.

Due to various reasons, some online remittance providers take way too long to complete the transfer. But, some reliable ones can help you make a money transfer to Latvia and have it arrive way sooner than a bank wire transfer would. Here below, we’ve listed three of them.

send money to latvia


Since 2015, InstaReM has managed to win over many individuals and businesses with its competitive rates. In addition, it allows you to send money to a wide range of countries across the world. With InstaReM, you can make a money transfer to Latvia within three days.

However, a downside to InstaReM is that you cannot transfer the funds with cash or check. Moreover, the recipient in Latvia can only receive the money from a bank account (no cash pickup) which can be a challenge.


WorldRemit is a well-known money transfer firm that is far cheaper than traditional providers such as banks. With WorldRemit, customers can send money from +30 countries to +60 countries worldwide. In addition to having cash pickup, there’s no minimum amount of transfer, an excellent feature for one-time users, college students, etc.

However, if you’re a business owner or someone who usually transfers thousands of pounds, then WorldRemit might not appeal to you. Why? Because you can only send up to £8,000 for major currencies and even lower for other non-popular currencies. The variable transfer fee can be significant in small or sizable transfers.


Out of the three on the list, Lycaremit is the only provider with an established operational base in Latvia. That’s why Lycaremit can help you make a money transfer to Latvia in two days max, pretty much second to none in the remittance market.

In addition, a great benefit to Lycaremit is that there are no hidden fees or sneaky add-ons included in the exchange rate margin. Lycaremit is one of the few companies that charge ultra-competitive fees while providing 24/7 support to all its customers.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, you have no choice but to keep up with the crazy speed the world is. Whether you’re a college student paying your tuition or trying to close a business deal at the last second, you need a quick and reliable service provider.

However, as important as speed is, you need to be careful and not sacrifice everything else (like paying significant fees). Generally, it’s wiser to choose a provider that can help you transfer funds within a reasonable timeframe and charges sensible, competitive fees/rates. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, then register right away with Lycaremit.

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