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Top Five Ways to Send Money to Italy

The wine, the romance, the pizza, and the captivating ancient architecture have made countless millions fall in love with Italy. That’s why many people move there to taste the Italian life themselves. If you have a lucky friend or a family member who lives in Italy, then there’s a chance you send money to Italy once in a while.

If you’re looking for a trusted remittance provider to help you send money abroad, then you’re in luck because we have five of them right here, as follows.

send money to italy

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Since 2010, Wise has become increasingly popular by providing accessible and reliable services to a wide range of customers. No wonder it’s one of the best money transfer providers because it charges transparent fees, offers a mid-market exchange rate, and supports many countries. Both businesses and individuals can use Wise to send money to Italy.

However, there are some downsides to Wise. For instance, you don’t have many options to send money to Italy because Wise only supports debit/credit cards and bank transfers. And as for the receiver in Italy, they can only pick up the money from their bank account. Plus, the fees go up with the transfer amount, making them not so affordable for transfers above $10,000.


XE has proven itself as an impressive money transfer provider that helps customers transfer funds to a wide range of countries worldwide. It is a sensible choice for many international transfers and offers people the security and reliability needed. Both businesses and individuals can access their services and easily send money to Italy.

Like many other remittance providers, the problem with XE is the “zero fees” promise that never seems to be true. Why? Because they bury those fees within the exchange rate markup, hence their exchange rate is not so competitive. Furthermore, you cannot send money via cash/check, and the recipient won’t be able to collect the money via cash pickup.


OFX is a well-known international remittance provider allowing you to transfer funds to more than 40 countries. OFX customers enjoy excellent service while sending large amounts of money. They can also send money on various platforms, especially using their smartphones.

However, a significant downside to OFX is that it has a minimum transfer amount. Plus, for any transfer below £10,000, you may have to pay a £15 transfer fee. What’s worse, you cannot make the transfer using a credit card, and you won’t have access to 24/7 customer support to help you with any glitches, delays, etc.

Currencies Direct

If you’ve been in the remittance world long enough, then you know Currencies Direct. With Currencies Direct, you can send money to +50 countries around the globe with no hidden charges or fees. Businesses and online sellers can set up multi-currency accounts, and individuals have access to reliable customer support.

However, it’s not optimal for emergency transfers because it may take as long as five days in some cases. It’s not available all over the US, and there’s no cash pickup option either. Since it’s mostly for large transfers, the exchange rate is not so great for smaller volumes.


In the last seven years or so, Lycaremit has continuously advanced its market share by offering ultra-competitive rates and minimum, transparent fees. Lycaremit is one of the few remittance providers on the market with an established customer base worldwide.

Lycaremit customers have total flexibility in terms of pay-in/pay-out options and a solid presence while knowing they have access to 24/7 customer support. Plus, thanks to the RSA 256-bit encryption technology, Lycaremit provides super-secure transfers to +80 countries worldwide.

Bottom Line

Some companies claim they’ll help you send money to Italy with zero fees, but they make up for it by adjusting the exchange rate margin. Hence, it’s better to choose a remittance provider that offers competitive, transparent rates/fees. You also need access to 24/7 customer support that can assist you even on weekends and holidays.

Fortunately, Lycaremit offers all of these benefits and more. Don’t wait anymore and register right now.

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