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How to open a bank account in the United Kingdom

Bank account details are required for setting up your home internet, mobile-phone contract, and day to day spending. A bank account is an essential part of living in the United Kingdom. It is a fairly easy process depending on the bank you chose. 

Popular banks in the UK are 

  • HSBC

To open a bank account in the UK you need-

  • Documents to prove your identity and address. 
  • A valid photo identification, such as passport, driving license, or biometric residence permit. 
  • Application form. Once you have the required documents fill-out the application form for the bank of your choice. 
  • Book an appointment. You need to visit the closest branch to show your original documents and pay the initial deposit. Deposit amounts may vary depending on bank policies. 
  • Card and pin. After you pay the deposit it may take a few days for the bank card to reach your home address. The bank will also provide you with a pin code. 

Although essential, a bank account can take a few weeks to process in major cities. You can use your bank account for everyday expenditure and send international money transfers. Most banks notoriously over-charge or have hidden fees, which makes money transfer an expensive affair. A better alternative is Lycaremit that has very low transfer charges while being ultra-secure. 

Here is how you can open a Lycaremit account. 

  • SIGN UP- Create your Lycaremit account.
  • ADD BENEFICIARIES- Add the friends and family members that you wish to send money to.
  • PAY & SEND- Securely complete your transfer.

The money is transferred abroad to your chosen location based on the mode of transfer you choose. The recipient simply has to produce positive identification and the unique transaction code to finalize the transfer and complete the process. Lycaremit is a cost-effective and quick solution to your money transfer needs.

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