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International Money transfer. Fees, rates, and transfer time.

Are you still using your bank to make international money transfers? Did you know that banks regularly overcharge and have several hidden fees that they extract from either party? Additionally, bank transfers can take several days to complete.

With the digital world evolving every day it makes sense to shift your money transfer needs online. Apps like Lycaremit are safe, quick and charge less than your international bank. 

ProviderfeeFinal costs 
HSBC£4£4 + exchange rate markup + likely fees from both intermediary and recipient banks
BARCLAYS£25-45£25- 45+ exchange rate markup + correspondent bank fees
METRO BANK£25£25 + exchange rate markup + correspondent bank fees
RSB£22-30£22-£30 + exchange rate markup + correspondent bank fees
NATWEST£22£22 + exchange rate markup + correspondent bank fees

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic it has become imperative for everyone to make smarter money management decisions. There is no need to pay these extra and hidden charges when you can use a smart mobile app to do quick and easy money transfers. 

Lycaremit is the cheapest way you can send money online. There are no hidden fees and you can calculate the total estimated fees before you send your money. The Lycaremit online service enables customers to send money to friends and family across 80 countries at ultra-competitive rates.

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