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How to travel abroad safely in winter

The Covid-19 situation has put major restrictions on travel this year. The best solution is to stay at home if you are sick or have come in contact with someone who may have the coronavirus. Travel restrictions and bans have been slowly lifted and people are traveling once again. If you are taking a trip this winter or returning home follow these tips for a safe journey. 

  • Maskup. Make sure to wear a mask or face shield when using public transport including airplanes, trains, and ships. Book your seat in advance and make sure you carry an extra mask, sanitizer,  and hand gloves. 
  • Quarantine. Before you leave for your destination, quarantine at home for at least a week. Do not travel if you are running a fever or feeling sick. Putting yourself and others at risk will not be worth it. It is also advisable to quarantine for a week once you reach your destination. 
  • Avoid short trips. We all have been cooped up for several months now and are missing our wanderlust. But putting yourself and family members at risk for a small leisure trip will do no one any good. 
  • Look for updates. Keep yourself updated with the current covid situation to the place you are going to visit. Many countries have their own rules regarding travel so you should be well informed. 

Although we would recommend a few more months of patience before you give in to the wanderlust, here are some tips for traveling abroad in the winter season to help you prepare for next year! 

  • Packing light. The trick is to wear your bulky jacket, scarf, and heavy jeans, during travel so that you can pack less. If you are visiting a cold destination you should invest in a good sturdy jacket that is comfortable enough for travel. 
  • Travel insurance. Make sure your travel insurance is updated before you start your journey. With the unpredictability of 2020, you want to take all the necessary precautions. 
  • Money management. Make sure you know how expensive the place is before you travel. Smart money management will help you enjoy your trip better. Another important thing to remember is to use secure and cost-effective money transfer apps like Lycaremit. 

Safe travels!

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