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How to send and receive money during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has left us all feeling vulnerable, anxious, and insecure. An estimated 2.5million people worldwide lost their jobs during the ongoing lockdown, which has led to a global economic crisis. Sending or receiving money online is no doubt cheaper than using banks and a lot faster, but the digital world is full of scammers and cheats.

Use legitimate money transfer apps like Lycaremit to ensure that you do not lose money. Lycaremit is regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority and uses the latest technology to facilitate secure transfers and protect your data.

How to use Lycaremit to Transfer money to friends and family?

Send money online or in-person with a safe and cost-effective process that has no hidden charges. Lycaremit offers competitive exchange rates to major destinations. You can send money to your beneficiary’s bank account, instant cash pickup, or to their mobile wallet. 

  • SIGN UP- Create your Lycaremit account.
  • ADD – Add your friends & family members.
  • PAY & SEND – Securely complete your transfer.
  • TRACK – Track your transaction using your Reference Number.

How do you receive money via Lycaremit?

Lycaremit supports the following types of transfers to the recipient:

  • Bank Deposit: money is credited to the recipient’s bank account.
  • Cash Pickup: cash is available for collection from local agent locations.

The options for receiving the money will vary depending on the sender and recipient’s country.

Both the sender and the recipient will receive a notification by email/SMS to inform them of the payment being processed. Both parties will receive a second notification once the transfer arrives at its destination. Simultaneously, the progress can be tracked by contacting the Lycaremit customer service team at [email protected]

Always stay safe!

No matter what transfer method you opt for, remember to stay safe and avoid online scams. Always read the website policies and FAQs to understand precisely how the money will be transferred, refunded and how your data is protected against scams. Many of us have family and friends living far away right now. Sending money need not be a hassle. All you need to do is stay vigilant and only use reliable sources. Stay safe. Stay healthy!

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